"Having worked with multiple editors for the 11 books I have been fortunate enough to have had published, I can say, unequivocally, that Michele is the dream editor I have always sought. Her sage comments, her uncanny ability to locate a problem and solve it equally as uncannily, her thoughtful review of each and every detail in the story, and, most importantly, her innate editing skills that grasp the entire story, as well as its innermost parts were constantly available to my work. It was such an unaccustomed relief to put my manuscript in her skilled hands and know that it could not be in a better or safer place. Working with Michele is like finding the missing piece to a perplexing puzzle, and without question the best thing that could happen to any future book. I simply cannot imagine ever writing another book without this extraordinary editor at my side."
-- Phyllis Karas (NYT best selling author)
"I am so grateful I found Michele! An accomplished writer and editor and astute publishing professional, Michele helped me zero in on my nonfiction book project to more clearly define it. An accomplished writer and publishing professional myself, I thought my project was perfect, but she was right about all of her suggestions (and patient with me). I not only ended up reorganizing my book, but with her help I created a solid, polished proposal that I am proud to start shopping. Thanks, Michele."
-- Robyn M. Fritz, MA, MBA, Seattle, WA
"As I worked on my memoir, Lockdown on Rikers, I dreamed of the day when my work would be recognized by a major publisher, and I would be on my way! But reality was less than encouraging. After countless cold rejections from agents and publishers, I began to wonder if that day would ever really come. One tip I kept hearing was that someone would read my work, become excited about it and know just who to connect me with! Yeah, sure, I thought. But when I had the good fortune to meet Michele Matrisciani, that is exactly what happened! Her warmth and easy laugh belied a savvy industry insider who saw the path for my book and guided me to the agent who offered me a contract. I couldn't believe it! But it didn't end there. Michele helped me to craft a first-rate proposal. During this tough process, I was amazed by her abilities, and fortified by her optimism. When the proposal was finished, the book sold in less than two weeks! Again, I couldn't believe! It will be out on bookshelves in a few months, just as I had always dreamed. Writing a book is difficult enough, but seeing it to publication seemed almost impossible. That is, until I met Michele Matrisciani."
-- Mary E. Buser, author, Lockdown on Rikers
"Michele is the best, most patient, and easiest-to-work-with writer. She was great at understanding me, my personality, my style, and my needs, and worked with me accordingly. Her time management skills are second to none. She manages expectations of all parties involved in the process and always delivers what she promises. Truly, a great coach. If you want your message to sing, Michele will deliver."
-- Brendon DeSimone, author, Next Generation Real Estate
"As a healthcare provider and not an accomplished writer, I needed help writing a book on back pain. The book was a mixture of technical jargon, philosophical references, exercises, personal accounts, etc. What made Michele so special was her willingness and ability to not only improve the writing, but to actually master the material. In addition, she took what I had written and altered its organization so that it was considerably more user-frendly for readers. Not only this, but she independently found quotes and articles for me to consider as additions to the book. I looked at her previous body of work and appreciated that she was able to adapt to a remarkable variety of subject matters. Finally, she was prompt, easy to talk to, and always helpful."
-- Patrick A. Roth, M.D., author of The End of Back Pain: Access Your Hidden Core (HarperOne, 2014)
"Writing a book was the toughest thing I've done in my life. Luckily I had Michele Matrisciani in my corner. She was part editor, part coach, part cheerleader. And ALL valuable! Her experience with the inner workings of the publishing world saved me time and months of work. If I write another book she will be my first call."
-- Steve Mazan
"All authors should be so fortunate to have an editor like Michele Matrisciani in their corner."
-- Michele Borba, Ed.D., bestselling author
"After working in the industry for twenty-plus years, I can honestly say that I've never worked with a fellow publishing professional who excels on so many levels and in so many different capacities as Michele Matrisciani. Her editorial instincts are consistently spot on and so insightful as to be gifted. She has great empathy for fellow creatives and their creations, yet has a master's grasp of the realities and processes involved in turning out a bestselling title; this translates into the rare ability of merging art and commerce into critical successes that don't sacrifice the integrity of the artist or their work. Michele is a terrific human being and a professional of the highest ilk. A book whisperer."
-- Olivia Rupprecht aka Mallory Rush, Bestselling author
"Michele is one of the most gifted souls I have ever known and working with her is one of the most privileged experiences of my life. I have been transformed - forever. She gave me... .myself."
-- Tim Daniel, Author, The Pursuit of Nobility
"Anyone who has worked with Michele knows that she is a ball of high energy, imagination, brains, and skill. For any editorial project, she's on the top of my list. I tell my book coaching clients that they'd be lucky to have her work on their book. A gem."
-- Kim Weiss, Director of Communications, HCI Books
"Michele Matrisciani pushed me to limits as a writer that I never thought I could reach. My mission as an author is to empower and educate, which sometimes requires opening up old wounds in order to find the gems of wisdom for my readers. Michele's support, dedication, guidance, and instincts for self-help and storytelling supported me through that process. She helped me find my voice."
-- Sue Scheff, author of Wit's End: Advice and Resources for Your Out-of-Control Teen and Google Bomb: The Untold Story of the 11.3 M Dollar Verdict That Changed the Way We Use the Internet
"Michele Matrisciani is everything you want in an editor - and quite a bit more! We truly felt that she cared about our book as much as we did. Instead of changing our words, Michele magically and masterfully molded them into exactly what we were trying to say. She is a true professional and talented beyond measure. If you are considering working with Michele, stop reading and hire her immediately - it will exponentially increase your chances of turning out a bestseller!"
-- Dr. Jayson Calton and Mira Calton, bestselling authors of Naked Calories
"Thanks to Michele Matrisciani's expertise, creativity, and vision, I have two published books, am working on my third, and look forward to a longtime career as an author. I highly recommend Michele and Bookchic for all things writing!"
- Jenni Schaefer, Author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me
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