Founded in 2011 by Michele Matrisciani, a publishing professional with more than fifteen years of trade book experience at several New York publishing houses, Bookchic offers authors insider information and a proven track record in publishing books that are creative, commercial, and competitive.

Michele Matrisciani spent several years behind the desk at nonfiction publishing houses assessing manuscripts for acquisitions. As the former Editorial Director of HCI Books, the original publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Michele Matrisciani has had the honor and rare privilege of pitching her seasonal lists to corporate-level buyers at major retail book store chains, big box stores, distributors, and special sales outlets in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, having collaborated with national account managers (sales reps), worked with marketing directors, and assisted publicists in shaping books and publishing plans, Michele Matrisciani is poised to help authors master the elusive art of book positioning and packaging-the essential ingredients in creating a winning book and brand.



Capturing an author's authentic voice is an intricate skill, which Michele honed as ghostwriter for a variety of authors - from reality television stars and media celebrities to renowned psychotherapists and medical doctors to fitness gurus and high-profile crime victims. Each author has his or her own style and voice. A ghost's biggest flaw is when an author replies, "That doesn't sound like me," or "I would never say that." Michele Matrisciani will hit the mark, through conducting several hours of in-depth interviews, as well as conducting her own research on the topic and author at hand. Ghostwriting is, however, a highly collaborative process, and Michele's pleasant, professional, and high-energy personality will help make a daunting process much more fulfilling.

Developmental Editing

Manuscript and story development are Bookchic's forte. Michele Matrisciani has developed, structured, and written practical nonfiction in the areas of self-help/psychology, parenting, health, diet/fitness, career, pets, current affairs, women's issues, and memoir. As an author herself, Michele Matrisciani is sensitive and attentive toward the frustrations, challenges, and emotional investment authors contend with as they create and develop their work.

Often acting as writing coach to professionals who have something of value to write about, Bookchic helps authors look through a different lens and find their way out of writing ruts.

Sometimes authors can write well, but they don't know where to begin or end. Other times, they have questions about how best to structure or outline their book. Michele Matrisciani's skill set includes the ability to help develop the appropriate approach for the category in which an author is writing, as well as sense of what the market responds to editorially.

Developing content is usually on an author's list of needs, as well as answering questions regarding the use of supplemental material, such as illustrations and gripping layouts. Bookchic can be hired to coach authors through areas of book writing and development like these and many others, including how to make a book more ebook and app friendly.

Writing and Publishing Coach

For many authors writing is a rewarding and creative process, but it can also be an isolating one. It's inevitable to hit a wall or need a new outlet that allows you to bounce ideas off of someone. Bookchic can extend a hand and an encouraging voice to coach authors through the writing and publishing processes. From manuscript evaluation and brainstorming title ideas to breaking writers block and creating a new game plan for your work, Michele Matrisciani has been an author advocate and coach as much as an editor when she championed books at major publishing houses. She will champion you ,too, and coach you to be the writer you always knew you were.

Further, Bookchic can help writers:
  • Find the right editors, publishers, and agents for their work
  • Get inside the heads of literary agents and acquisition editors
  • Identify the current trends in the marketplace
  • Understand and negotiate publication contracts
  • Write a sellable book proposal
  • Master the query letter
  • Uniquely position and market books against the competition

Manuscript and Proposal Evaluation

Do you have a proposal or a completed manuscript and are not sure of its commercial viability? Are you looking for an agent or publisher and want to tailor your proposal to maximize interest? Then manuscript evaluation might be a good route for you. Bookchic has a flare for spotting what is likely to capture the attention of editors and agents. She honed this skill after years of evaluating manuscripts/proposals for publishing giants Macmillan, Hyperion, and McGraw-Hill, and writing her own as a literary agent. From agented proposals that sold for six figures to slush pile queries that hit the jackpot, Michele Matrisciani has been exposed to it all. She will call upon her experience to honestly evaluate the marketability of your work, as well as offer solutions to help repackage your work, if necessary.

Learn the Three Cs of Publishing™

Need help organizing your book, fleshing out the heart of your content? Do you want to inject more personality into your writing? Michele Matrisciani will help you understand the Three Cs of Publishing™: Creativity, Commerciality, and Competitiveness, and either assist you in attaining your writing and publishing goals, or take over for you.

From pop culture and relationships to philosophy and neurosurgery, Michele's variety of skills as ghostwriter, developmental editor, writing coach, or publishing consultant will help you deliver your message with the Three Cs approach to book development and packaging.

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