You have a great author or an idea, but can't seem to get either to fly? Have a book, but sense it needs repackaging? Have a proposal, but think it needs a harder sell? Are considering signing a new client, but want a forecast of what publishing houses might think? Maybe you have a proposal, but a publisher has requested a sample chapter, and you need one fast! As an agent, former editor, and publisher herself, Michele Matrisciani has had the opportunities to act as book seller, buyer, marketer, and writer, and has insights and creative ideas that can help you work more efficiently with your clients, signed or potential.

Bookchic is frequently solicited by literary agents to coach their clients through the writing process before and after they have signed a deal with a publishing house. Michele Matrisciani also acts as a book doctor who can provide a fully developed, copyedited manuscript in no time. She understands that protecting your reputation as an agent is priority number one to keep a fruitful business relationship with the publishers with whom you want to continue to work.
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